deckel silikonringThe CLEAN LID cover, silicone ring and knob can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problems.

Carefully pull the silicone ring over the edge of the glass cover and remove it. You can now put the cover, silicone ring and knob in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to take out the filter element, otherwise the carbon filter will be rendered useless. Once they’re cleaned, the ring and knob can be easily


filter wechselReplacing the Clean Lid special filter

  • Gently turn and pull the silicone knob and the filter element out of the glass cover.

  • Now remove the filter cartridge from the silicone knob.

  • To open the filter cartridge, turn both pieces in the opposite direction to one and other and remove the used carbon filter.

  • Now clean both pieces of the cartridge and insert a new carbon filter.

  • Now carry out the above steps in reverse order and fit the filter on the cover. Make sure that the silicone knob is seated correctly
    on the glass cover when you are finished.

We recommend storing the carbon filter separately in an airtight package (e.g. a zip-lock bag).