Cooking with induction: Energy-saving – cleaner – faster!

inductionWOLL professional cast products are just right for cooking with induction too.When you cook with WOLL induction cookware, a strong magnetic field is created directly in the induction base which covers the entire area of the pan. So the heat is produced exactly where it is needed and is evenly distributed. Which means: You save energy and can heat up your food even faster and more accurately. Dirt on the hob around the WOLL professional cast products can easily be removed as this area remains almost cold.

But watch out: Induction hobs are often equipped with magnetic field sensors around the edge, which detect whether the pots and pans are suitable for induction. The diameter of the cooking area should therefore correspond to the size of the base of your cookware. Otherwise this will not be recognized as suitable for induction cooking. To avoid damaging your induction hob, always lift WOLL professional cast products when moving them.