When deep-frying: Use a high sided pot or roasting tin.

Fill this halfway at most with fat so as to avoid being burned by fat foaming over. Caution: Do not overheat fat (max. fat temperature 180 °C). Do not use a lid.

Moulded handle:
For WOLL professional cast products with moulded (cast) handles you should always use an oven glove, as due to their good heat conductivity these become hot.

Fixed handles, side handles and lid knobs are oven-resistant up to 250 °C (Logic series: fixed handles and lid knobs up to 220 °C) and become hot in the oven. Use oven gloves.

Removable handles:
The removable handles on WOLL professional cast products are not ovenproof. Should you wish to use your WOLL professional cast product in the oven the detachable handle should be removed first.