Woll professional cast products stand for top-quality, top-grade “Made in Germany” products, manufactured using the highest quality craftsmanship.
Our products are individually cast by hand with a high-quality, reļ¬ned aluminium alloy – unstressed and free of any trapped air pockets that lower product quality. The whole coating process takes place in Woll’s own manufacturing plant – Europe’s most up to date plant of its type, using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology emitting very low levels of CO2. The entire manufacturing process and the coatings of all Woll pan ranges are completely free of PFOA.

All Woll professional cast products have an extremely cut-resistant surface, which is treated with our unique, tried and tested non-stick coating – enabling low-fat, vitamin-rich and healthful cooking.

  • Casting

    Cast by hand

  • Cut and Ground

    Cut and ground

  • Coating

    Hardened by plasma jet at
    20,000 °C / 36,000 °F

  • Turning off

     Turned off to a
    microfine finish

  • Saar Coating

    Europe’s most up to date
    plant of its type

  • Lasering

    Top quality, top grade
    “Made in Germany” products



1 Cast body in pre-processed aluminium alloy.

2 A sandblast treatment increases the surface area by 15 times to ensure the best possible adhesion of later layers.

3 Extremely hard cut resistant base layer: titanium or diamond crystals are bonded to the aluminium using a plasma jet at 20,000 °C/36,000 °F.

4 Unique protective layer against corrosion.

5 The third layer provides the cookware’s long-lasting non-stick effect.

6 The specially developed single or double top layer is reinforced with ceramic, sapphire or diamond particles, ensuring the unique long service life of WOLL products.